Warren Neidich & Ashiq Jahan Khondker

Warren Neidich is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes photography, drawing, painting and sculpture. His latest works include speculative diagramatic works of neon light that concern the relationship between “fake news”, the attention economy and contemporary forms of governmentalization, which include the material brain as their focus. A Professor of Art at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Neidich studied photography, neuroscience, medicine, and architecture. He is founder of Artbrain.org and the The Journal of Neuro-aesthetic Theory, and has published over 20 books.

Ashiq Jahan Khondker is a musician and artist based in Berlin. His approaches to the entwining of interfaces and our spaces of self-narrativity, specifically the “Diegetic Desktop”, has been the locus of his collaborative video work with Warren Neidich. Assistant director in charge of animation, editing and sound for the “Pizza Gate” collaboration with Neidich, Ashiq holds a Bachelor's degree from the New School for Social Research in New York, where he studied documentary and experimental 16mm film, and has a Masters in New Media Theory from the University of Amsterdam. He is currently working on a solo album, as well as performances with his Berlin-based band, Cloud Kinski.