Dis Fig

Dis Fig (aka Felicia Chen)’s music earnestly reflects her past and present. The Berlin-via-New York transplant is a member of NYC collective PTP fka Purple Tape Pedigree, whose unique and innovative output is woven with the same thread as her own. She released the Excerpt From An Atypical Brain Damage mini-album via the label in 2018, a 13-minute composition take from the score for a 90-minute performance piece by Asian Dope Boys founder Tianzhuo Chen.

Chen’s sound combines elements of grime, techno, RnB and hardcore to touch on a shifting landscape of noise and hybrid club genres. Dis Fig bottles moody and darkly powerful selections, while juxtaposing them with eerie rap inserts and unexpected acapellas. Sweet lullabies and anthemic lyrics collide headfirst with beats and musical backdrops that are unsettling and idiosyncratic. Together, the music welds noir and twisted affect with frenetic percussion and ambient contemplation.