Alobhe (aka Iris Bauer) is a musician residing in Berlin hell bent on gutturally stabbing each broken genre she comes across. Based in Berlin and raised in Hamburg, Bauer’s visceral take on future club music combines elements of electro, black metal, dark ambient and techno to produce a foreboding sonic assaults with an underlying impulse toward the industrial dancefloor.

Recent releases include contributions to Warsaw’s Intruder Alert and a debut EP called State Space, dropped via UK label Tobago Tracks. Bauer has collaborated with London’s Acolytes (aka Denesh Shan), performing the project live at eminent UK venue Cafe OTO and culminating in a single take recording of ‘idk demo’ for the Nervous System compilation released on London’s Alien Jams this year. A new iteration of Alobhe’s menacing take on lo-fi, sample-based fragments of noise and distortion is set for release on IVVVO’s Nyx Unchained label in the near future.