Co-Founder and Artistic Director
Daniela Seitz

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Anja Weigl

Curation and Project Management
Tomke Braun

Steph Kretowicz

Press and Communication
Giselle Gordon

Communications Assistant
Mandalena Munkonge

Website und Design
Jon Lucas

Image Series 2018
Salim Bayri

Productions Assistant
Viola Glock

Productions Assistant
Gabriel Pedrosa Dorronsoro

Photographer & Video
Ink Agop

Photographer & Video
Aiko Okamoto

3hd 2018 is challenging the powerful systems that dominate our world. Now in its fourth year, the hybrid festival announces the theme, “System.Lure”, in a program that is running October 23 to October 27. As always, it will be happening at a number of venues in Berlin, including HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Säule, OHM, Studio 1 at Kunstquartier Bethanien and the Internet. Musicians, performers, and artists who work across disciplines have been invited to probe the political conditions of contemporary media, as well as ideas of community, alongside methods of protest and dissent.

By exploring the power relations of society at large, 3hd playfully acts out ways to dismantle the dominant architectures that confine us. “System.Lure” questions the relationship between humans and machines, the law and nation states, and the flow of money and people under capitalism. Instead of merely naming the oppressive structures of patriarchy, political systems and social convention, 3hd looks at the possibilities for resistance. Sabotage, hacking, and manipulation; diversion, entrapment, and deceit. These are all typically concealed methods serving a political purpose, which form an essential part of grassroots activism and strategies of unlearning.