Georges Jacotey

Georges Jacotey is a Greek artist working with performance and digital media. They are currently invested in issues of queer representation and resistance, the divide between cultural hegemonies and subcultures, both on and off-line, and the headache of keeping up under constant crisis. Their work has most recently exhibited at Manifesta 11 in Zürich, New York Flower Festival and Scottish Queer International Film Festival in Glasgow, as well as the Nu Performance and Dgtlfmnsm festivals in Tallinn and Dresden, respectively.

Jacotey also took part in the Creamcake-organized symposium earlier this year, where the Athens-based artist presented a loose adaptation of the myth of St. George as “Georgiana Del Pepe”. The chimeric embodiment of Jacotey, pop star Lana Del Rey and tormented meme character Pepe the Frog sets off killing dragons and walking red carpets, up until her persecution by the authorities upon discovering her “true nature”.