Chippy Nonstop

Chippy Nonstop is a DJ, rapper, songwriter, writer, producer, activist and organizer of community events. The audacious and undeniable party starter of Indian descent was born in Dubai, grew up in Zambia, has citizenship in Canada, lived in Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, and currently resides in Toronto. The nomadic sound selector has a penchant for bringing her unique energy to the world’s dancefloors in thrillingly aggressive electro inspired by hip hop instrumentals and scattered with the stylistic bric-a-brac picked up from her heritage and along her travels.

Chippy Nonstop is currently working on new music-related endeavors, including a sound initiative curated by and for women and the LGBTQ+ community called Intersessions. She is also DJing, recording and has recently released two tracks; ’Bubble Up’ dropped on Thump, while ‘Lotto’ with UK producer Nightwave (Fool’s Gold) premiered on The Fader.