Jessika Khazrik

Living and working between Beirut and Paris, Jessika Khazrik is an interdisciplinary artist working across science, literature, and urban research. The influence of the aesthetics of knowledge on spatial politics is of key concern to Khazrik, who has most recently been investigating topics related to scatology, ecotoxicology, and the influence of militarization on knowledge, technology, and the everyday.

Playfully making intimate the relationship between waste, labor and the works of art and science, her work poetically subverts language into matter and performance. This is achieved through reading trash as exiled and denied material that does not belong to the dominant taxonomic orders. Khazrik has brought into conversation the global politics of toxic waste trades with the use of war and domestic work as testing grounds for Artificial Intelligence, as well as cryptography and the history of the Xband military history in relation to space junk.