Lamin Fofana

Lamin Fofana is an electronic producer and artist based in Berlin. His instrumental electronic music contrasts the reality of our world with what's beyond and explores questions of movement, migration, alienation, and belonging. He is from Sierra Leone, lived in Guinea, United States, and currently located in Berlin.

Early releases include dub-informed EPs on New York label Dutty Artz among others, while more recently Fofana has been self-releasing his own sparse cosmic techno, also inspired by social injustice, racial inequality and the speculative possibility of technology. His 2016 album, Doubleworld, addressed the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, questions of identity, the discomforting sci-fi realities of our present climate and maintaining one’s sanity in these seismic times. Fofana is also a co-founder of New York’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy with Paul Lee, overseeing early releases by another Berlin-based producer, Lotic. It too carries the explorative themes of Promethean future utopias in contrast to the dystopian realities of the present. His most recent project Brancusi Sculpting Beyonce is out now on Hundebiss Records.