Selin Davasse

Selin Davasse ’s research-based performance practice is founded on interrogating the cultural effects of oppressive systems. The Ankara-born and Berlin-based artist investigates, adapts and subverts the rhetoric, tactics and products of these dominant structures, including nationalism, authoritarianism, Western-centrism and heteronormativity, among others.

Drawing on a camp sensibility, Davasse creates empowered, yet tragic female characters who personify various ideologies. Morphing through a queer lens and kitsch aesthetic, she presents the issues associated with her own background — particularly that of being a non-Western artist — with humor. Through performance, text, video and social media, as well as objects, reworked song lyrics and websites, Davasse aims to test participants against the traps of identity, hierarchy and the co-optation of emancipatory struggles.

Photo: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert