Danish producer Ydegirl, aka Andrea Novel, takes her name from the ancient bog body found in the Dutch village of Yde. Found in 1897, her head was partly shaved, and her chest and pelvis almost dissolved. Novel imagines the Yde Girl’s destiny through the sonic and lyrical life of her music, referencing traditional Nordic chamber music and leading vocals that are half-sung, half-spoken.

Also incorporating RnB, hip hop and pop elements into her sound, Ydegirl is a vehicle for exploring how women have been portrayed throughout history, up until now. Novel references everyone and everything from Mexican Baroque poet and composer Juana Inéz de la Cruz to Donna Haraway’s anti speciesist feminism. So far it has culminated in the “Loa_an Indie Libretto” single release on the I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You compilation, released on Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation.