Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan is a London-based hip hop-infused punk duo featuring Bobby on vocals and production, and Bobb13 on drums. A force of hellish nature, together they take the rage and speed of their hardcore and anarcho-punk influences, like Discharge and Crass, to create brutal instrumentals overlaid with macabre rap vocals.

The band self-produced, recorded, mixed, mastered and released their first EP, Vylan, in November 2017, just three months after their first gig, while carrying their DIY ethos into their weekly “Sunday Service” release schedule on Soundcloud. Bob Vylan also dropped their second EP, Lunch, this year, while their recent single, called “We Don’t Care”, is an incisive commentary on London gentrification, released in August. Making music on their own terms, Bob Vylan’s focus remains on topics of power, compliance, life and death, fuelled by a hatred of conformity and inequality, with a desire to tear down archaic barriers.