BAZOGA is the production project of brothers Salim and Tayeb Bayri. The Casablanca-born duo, now based between the Netherlands’ Groningen and Paris, respectively, have been producing clever and self-aware music that combines references and vocal samples of ghorba and tretya music with electro synths and tech house tempos.

Mixing together Morroccan dekka imerrakchiya percussion with 808s, BAZOGA combine Aissawi rhythms to booty clap structures and hip hop instrumentals. Both brothers work with art, music and design to produce cross-platform and multidisciplinary work that exists and is concerned with the space between IRL and the internet. Tayeb is also is a member of PEZCORP collective, Labeur with a Master's degree from HEAR in Strasbourg, while Salim produces film, illustration, prints and wearables to contemplate vaguely socio-political themes with a soft absurdism.