Rin Suemi, aka Golin, is a singer, producer, classically-trained pianist and performance artist born in Tagawa, Japan. An alumni of the California Institute of the Arts, her performances are imbued with improvisation, carrying a strong and visceral focus on the body and its possible movements. As well as containing an instant spontaneity, Suemi turns her shows into perpetually surprising cinematic experiences.

Inspired by folklore, fairy tales and fragmented memories, a variety of layered voices and samples transform the Brussels-based artist’s songs into a dreamy fantasia. Golin recently released her debut EP Momo on 12-inch vinyl through Belgian label Midlife Music, and is currently an associate artist of Beursschouwburg art center. As a performer, she has worked with artists such as Yoshiko Waki, Ula Sickle and Donna Huanca. Furthermore, Suemi composed the soundscape of Helena Dietrich’s installation ‘Elastic Habitat’ that premiered at STUK in Leuven for November 2017’s Playground festival.