Yearning Kru

Hailing from the suburbs of Croydon in the UK, Yearning Kru meld the endless data aggregation of the digital media stream with live improvisation and hyper-real visual montages. The Berlin-based producer released on patten’s Kaleidoscope imprint and Quantum Natives, as well as various self-released recordings. Their debut album Copper Vale was co-released on Planet Mu and KNIVES in 2016, a series of abstracted vignettes delving into a psychedelic landscape of pastoralism and industry entwined. It was constructed live entirely out of samples and field recordings and cut like documentary footage of an estranged interior world.

Yearning Kru has performed extensively throughout Asia, primarily in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China, all of which is archived online. They have also taken part in collaborative audio-visual events through collective Quantum Natives in New York and London.