Prince Harvey, City, Flora Yin-Wong, Rui Ho, Stud1nt

The Choice Is Yours

Image by Simone Niquille

3hd will close the “Whatever You Thought, Think Again” program with an ecstatic leap through possibility in a night of movement, emotion and entanglement. Together we imagine a way of life that uses the unavailable images of collective resistance as a means to access the politics of our sociality.
The only constant of the artists performing on this night of pleasure and possibility is their fluidity. Crossing the spectrum of styles and self-representation, every one of them brings their own unique approach to sonic escape and creation. DJ, multi-instrumentalist and member of queer art collective #kunq, stud1nt’s sublime performances frame the dance floor as a political space, while City describes his sound as a paradoxically organic digital tool, where extreme volume produces a place that is as beautiful as it is violent. Prince Harvey intuited the rapid shifts in the music industry by recording on demo computers at a New York Apple Store, among others things, while presenting live performances packed with energy. Non-binary producer and DJ from China RUI HO constructs a new creative reality by mixing sounds and visual information from both the virtual and physical planes. FLORA uses distorted sounds from temples and traditional Cantonese/Eastern concepts to make dissonant club tracks inspired by Daoist tutelary deities and the afterlife.