Green Music

Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage of Green Music re-interpret the work by the fluxus artist and composer Henning Christiansen. For their installation / performance, the artists play green sculptures and instruments combining mineral, glass, plants and painted synthesizers. Their 'setup' installation looks like a laboratory of pigments or a graphical score of music. While the piece is performed, the objects and different shades of green are mixed and displaced as if in the act of painting. Between analogue and digital, organic and mineral, composed and improvised, in color-selected randomness, Sauvage and Cavaliere search to play visual music of contemporary celebration in harmony with life.

Green Music also recently performed at 3hd’s partner festival インフラ INFRA in Tokyo, Japan.

Meditation on Music
Saturday, November 25, 8pm
HAU Hebbel am Ufer