[musical.(function Transform(){blau}*(euph.OR.i.[a](NGE)))]

Image by i.ruuu
Image by i.ruuu

Meet fire horses and flying fish in this musical performance by artist i.ruuu. “[musical.(function Transform(){blau}*(euph.OR.i.a))]” is a fantastic trip and an exciting experiment in storytelling with technology, based on tales of transformation and struggle. The fictional characters change according to the cast, with whom i.ruuu always works together closely in developing the piece.

In three acts – I. blue, II. storm, III. orange – the main plot revolves around a young feminine creature, i.ru.ora, who is lost and befriends Horse, who announces destiny: a virgin birth of many children. A fiend warns of the horse, but i.ru.ora continues, eventually giving birth and meeting other characters along the way, such as Mr. Fishy, Zimt (the dragon), L'(ost) enfant and Swirled Peas.

A variation of the piece will be performed as part of the Whatever You Thought, Think Again 3hd exhibition opening on November 23.

Cast: Neill Alexander, Lindsey Cammack, Martha Hincapieé Charry, Misa Chu, Marie-Madeleine Fürbeth, Nicolas Humbert and Marta Nowak