Colin Self

Colin Self is an American artist, composer, and choreographer. His work centers around ideas of gender, communication and consciousness, and his practice includes social relationships and digital technologies. Self has gained attention as a member of New York-based avant-drag collective Chez Deep with Alexis Penney, Bailey Stiles, Hari Nef and Sam Banks, and is a member of electronic music trio Holly Herndon. Reflecting the themes of community, kinship, and caring in different ways, the Berlin-based artist often frames his work as a form of activism, responding to social crises and systems of control. Projects relating to choir and choreography as a form of social transformation have been developed and performed, by Self and in collaboration, at ISSUE Project Room, The Kitchen and Knockdown Center in New York, and Donaufestival in Austria. After participating in 3hd Festival in 2015, this year he will lead a non-utilitarian vocal workshop called ‘XHOIR.’

XHOIR Workshop
Friday, November 24, 4-6pm
HAU Hebbel am Ufer 2