Robin Buckley

Robin Buckley is a London-based sound artist and musician exploring the politics and aesthetics of club culture, technology and queerness. Buckley has presented work as part of the “I Trust This Program” group exhibition and has collaborated with Faron Ray (a.k.a. club dead) and Sam Cottington (a.k.a. do you even know what a screaming faggot looks like). Releasing music as rkss across a variety of formats on labels such as Where to Now?, Alien Jams and Conditional Records, Buckley also presents the Lossless Communication radio show, exploring sound discovery in the internet era on Resonance Extra. They have also performed live at London’s ICA , Cafe Oto, The Waiting Room and Rye Wax, and Berlin’s Urban Spree, ACUD MACHT NEU, as well as Sisters in New York and Sound Acts in Athens, among others, and performed with such artists as Claire Tolan, Repeator and Cory Levinson.