M.E.S.H., a.k.a. James Whipple, is a is a California-born, Berlin-based project situated within the interior grandeur of the digital, sometimes connecting to the socio-physics of conviviality in nightlife. Known for his work with club collective and label Janus, and releases via Dyssembler, Black Ocean and PAN, he is a frequent collaborator with contemporary artist Aleksandra Domanović, exchanging remixes with Arca and Fatima Al Qadiri, and is a formative figure in an ascendent community of net-aware underground club artists in Berlin, including Lotic, Renaissance Man and TCF.

As a DJ and producer, Whipple aims to complicate dance music, while intensifying its innate motives, privileging the irrational and boundary-blurring over the self-serious and spirit-less. His less club-oriented work is a little different, tracing the archaic and the accelerated in the sonic forms that move through culture and bodies, creating a music that is luxurious and disorienting, thoughtless, colorful and spacious.

Whatever You Thought, Think Again
Opening: Thursday, November 23, 6-10pm
HAU Hebbel am Ufer 2