RUI HO is a non-binary music producer/DJ from China who has been spending the past few years studying and making music in Paris, France. Recently relocated to Berlin, RUI HO's music is a mix of modern electronic club music and traditional Chinese musical soundscapes, with a focus on cyber identity. Selected as one of the four participants of Berlin Community Radio’s Incubator 2016 program, RUI HO released their first single, “Ru Meng Ling,” via Shanghai-based label Genome 6.66 Mbp, with plans for dropping their debut EP Tales 戰記 soon. The music aims to construct a new creative reality by mixing sounds and visual information from both the virtual and physical world. Streams of thought from Chinese and western world vocabularies combine in order to question and reform ideas of identity.

The Choice Is Yours
Saturday, November 25, 11.55pm