City is the alias of musician, composer, and producer Will Ballantyne, active since 2015. Described as organic music made with digital tools, the Vancouver-based artist utilizes repetition, climactic forms, and extreme volume to create a sound world that is as beautiful as it is violent. His music is adorned with iPhone field recordings and excavated MIDI melodies; heavy metal double kicks and ghostly choirs; ripping sawtooth arpeggiators and sub-bass. Ballantyne’s live sets are ecstatic, pummelling, and dynamic, and a thrilling demonstration of how far today’s ‘club-not-club’ shapes and sounds can be pushed.
City has released music on Apothecary Compositions, and Beatgatherers, along with debut LP, A Goal is an Image, via Halcyon Veil in September. He has performed internationally with musicians such as Eaves, x/o, Marshstepper, Swan Meat, and Embaci, and upcoming collaborations include projects with v1984, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, i.o, and Ascetic House collective.

The Choice Is Yours
Saturday, November 25, 11.55pm