Anja Kaiser, Gala Rexer, Robin Buckley

Body, Technology, Politics

Image by Robin Buckley

For the “Body, Technology, Politics” panel, 3hd presents three different perspectives on the body, inside out and outside in. Using these bodies as instruments for reflecting on the power structures underlying the ways in which technology influences our physical presence, participants Robin Buckley, Anja Kaiser and Gala Rexer will share strategies of differentiation and resistance.

Robin Buckley explores the politics and aesthetics of queerness and technology in the lecture performance “Queer Plastic.” Starting with Heather Davis' research on ‘The Queer Futurity of Plastic,’ the London-based sound artist examines this malleable synthetic compound through a sonic materiality and sociality, seeking non-normative possibilities moving forward. Working with several collaborators, including Swan Meat and Anna Sadlon, the demonstration moves between electroacoustic composition, pop, spoken word and ambient textures.

Anja Kaiser presents her long term project "Sexed Realities – To Whom Do I Owe My Body?," which aims to unravel the visible and invisible forces underlying the rendering, replication and acceleration of bodies, mapping the battlefield of power and pleasure and its effect on us in normative societies. Through various media, her work investigates the existing surfaces of projection, exploring the fate of biological determinism and the limitation of deconstruction. “Sexed Realities” is part of the 3hd group exhibition “Whatever You Thought, Think Again” at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, along with a new online commission called “By(e) Default.”

Currently a PhD candidate at Humboldt University in Berlin, sociologist and journalist Gala Rexer will share her ongoing studies on “Biopolitics of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).” In her talk, Rexer will trace back the history of ART as a feminist utopia, where gender (and reproduction) is uncoupled from biology through new technologies. As one of the key thoughts of cyberfeminism, this techno-positive desire has been challenged by the realities of neoliberalism and globalization.

The three lectures will be followed by a conversation between Kaiser, Buckley and Rexer, moderated by artist, writer and publisher Sebastian Dürer.