Inga Copeland

Inga Copeland (Lolina) is a producer and performer of electronic music. Following her work as a member of Hype Williams, she has produced several solo releases and collaborations, including a recent 7” with John T. Gast (“Sisters of Control/Version”, All Bone, 2016). Her self-released albums and EPs build on the initial foundations of the lo-fi and discordant qualities of her earliest output. Released under Lolina moniker, the latest EP “RELAXIN’ with Lolina” (2015) and album “Live in Paris” (2016) propose further developments to the previous work with digital production, minimalist composition and repetitive vocal arrangements. Making use of DJ equipment, additional layers of live percussion, computer-generated sounds and improvised vocals, Lolina’s live show is a continuation of this attempt to discover possibilities for experimentation within the adopted limitations of electronic music and the contexts of its performance.