Lars TCF Holdhus

TCF: Tea Ceremony / Workshop

TCF Tea Ceremony / Workshop

Lars ‘TCF’ Holdhus is offering a music production workshop and tea ceremony for producers with a special 3hd flavour. Led by the Berlin-based artist, musician and tea merchant, participants are invited to join him in the shared space of Vierte Welt where a number of possible futures will be revealed through an as-yet-to-be-revealed collective process between TCF, the peer-group and algorithms. The workshop explores today's forms of knowledge production and technical developments while producing a collaborative track. Here, notions of being a producer, musician, outsider or beginner are questioned through this cooperative approach to making, while raising questions about the production and distribution of not just tea, but also music in today's post-material networked-society.

Shifting between art exhibitions and musical performance, TCF's work explores themes of code, cryptography, and musical composition through the use of visual, sonic, built, and written concepts. His project for 3hd Festival highlights the need for a collaborative approach to music-making in a digital age where appropriation, reproduction and circulation are leading principles.

TCF: Tea Ceremony / Workshop
Thursday, October 13th, 2-6pm
Vierte Welt

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