DJ NJ Drone

DJ NJ DRONE’s mentality as a producer is completely locked within the club environment, immersing listeners in a groomed collage of found-sound samples, sweltering synths, and liquid sound design. DJ NJ DRONE’s boundless imagination is like an audible shrine honoring the ability to create a space full of people into something solitary and meditative, while still being connected to a physical rhythm. Drawing from live and recorded samples, DJ NJ DRONE effectively mingles organic and inorganic sounds that will pulsate listeners’ bodies into dancing modes they never thought possible. Like a reverse back-flip, DJ NJ DRONE’s tracks define that fine line between reality and hallucination. There’s a world of SYN in the works of DJ NJ DRONE chiseled with an undeniable energy that has not only earned the producer a release on Brooklyn’s Bootleg Tapes and Track Meet, but respect honored by the New York City club scene begging him to never leave.