DJ Paypal

DJ Paypal is a Berlin-based North Carolinan artist who is among the most far-flung members of the footwork scene-leading Teklife crew, both musically and geographically. In addition, he is among the most influential of the genre's new wave. His take on footwork is kaleidoscopic and vivid, expanding on the Spinn and Rashad template for a brand of footwork that looks backward and forward in equal measure. His Mall Music label is home to some of footwork's most idiosyncratic voices, including DJ Mastercard and his lush sci-fi funk as well as the whiplash mixtapes of DJ Orange Julius. Paypal's own discography, which comprises a 30-track collection of Drake edits and the retro disco vibes of the ‘Buy Now’ EP on ‘LuckyMe,’ approaches footwork from all sorts of angles. Paypal susses out remarkable versatility in the genre's ra-ta-tat attack. In his latest release ‘Sold Out,’ he showcases his increasing obsession with jazz, funk and soul music.