Geng is a sound artist and head of Purple Tape Pedigree, a collective plus label whose primary focus is production and release in the realms of electronic and experimental music, visual media, textiles, literature, dietary counsel, and community-enriching events. Over the years, he has garnered respect through an unyielding approach to challenge the traditional club and art space by way of creative output and discourse on a myriad of public channels. Being recognized as a gatekeeper and unifier in his native New York City, Geng aims to help eradicate the preconceived and provide additional platform and support, especially to those under the constant weight of misrepresentation due to pre-established gender and race norms. In a live setting, his performance has been reviewed as a “brutal ritual,” “emotional experience,” or “drawn from dystopian nightmares” - where walls of distorted noise and polyrhythm are splattered by streams of ASMR-inducing clicks and hypnotic Buddhist chants: a meditation on confronting the pain of mind through textural clusterf*ck.