DIY Church

DIY Church is an online radio art project from Berlin. Each week, it features new guests: musicians, performers, visual artists, collectors, scientists, aliens, and other life forms. The two hour-long show assumes the form of a sound collage, mixing and layering songs, dialogues, lectures, live sets, field recordings, performances, and audio quotations from various contexts and diverse media. DIY Church is represented by long-term unpaid intern DJ ShlucHT, who told New Radio Journal that “the show is less about the taste of its curator than forming a soziale Plastik, or social sculpture, through sound and silence.” ShlucHT himself is just as much of a conundrum as the radio; he is not in fact a DJ, but rather an eccentric virtual yacht club owner with a passion for aquatic landscape painting. ShlucHT has lectured on this and other pursuits at forums across the world, including EBM(T) in Tokyo (JP), the Goethe Institut in Washington, DC (USA), Parsons College in Paris (France), and the Burlington Fine Arts Club in Manchester (UK).