'Shut Your Mouth and Turn Me Inside Out', Performance by Doron Sadja

  • Location:

    Vierte Welt

  • Time:


  • Participants:

    Doron Sadja

American artist, composer, and curator Doron Sadja’s work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. He often presents performances and immersive light projections that start in an area of darkness and emptiness, what he uses as a kind of void to reset and re-orient the audience. For 3hd Festival, however, the starting point for his piece ‘Shut Your Mouth and Turn Me Inside Out’ is the for its visitors mostly familiar space of an exhibition opening. From there, it transforms the environment into one of intense light, sound immersion and overstimulation. “To slowly create a space that is at once extremely warm and womb-like but at the same time overwhelming” is how the artist describes the work, “maybe [it is] hard to keep one’s eyes open or move around.”

Admission free