AQNB, Jean Kay

Staying Present

Jaakko Pallasvuo

What happens to the present when we’re stuck in the future? On Wednesday October 12, AQNB and Video In Common are presenting screening, performance and discussion event, ‘Staying Present’ at Vierte Welt as part of the 3hd Festival programme.

Artists featured in this edition include an AQNB/ViC editorial video with Klein, video and sound works from Jaakko Pallasvuo, Maxwell Sterling and Institute for New Feeling, as well as a live Skype psychic reading from Martha Windahl of Tarotscopes, with more to be announced.

In referring to the title of this year’s festival topic ‘There is nothing left but the future?’ AQNB focuses on the question mark, interrogating what we actually mean by ‘the future’ and whether the past has a role in determining it: What do we gain from thinking about the future in terms of the past? And is the very notion of the future itself little more than an ideological and conceptual fallacy?

The ‘Staying Present’ program presents artists, musicians and ideas that draw on convention and tradition to comment on the contemporary condition. These include not only integrating old aesthetics, formats and media, but also seemingly antiquated practices and logics into producing new work.

'Staying Present' presented by AQNB, Jean Kay
Wednesday, October 12th, 6-7.30pm
Vierte Welt

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