Nile Koetting

Reflecting this year's festival’s theme 'There is nothing left but the future?', Nile Koetting’s post-apocalyptic scene installation 'Nothing Left' is the frame and setting for two 3hd Festival evenings at HAU. It asks, if there is nothing left, is the theater in critical condition, a dying patient? How can we prolong the life and secure the future of the stage? Acting as an artificial emergency respirator, Koetting’s scene questions the relationship between theater and illusion in the now, as well as the approaching future.

Nile Koetting is a Japanese-born artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. Koetting works with a diverse range of media, including text, film, performance, sound, and installation. His work is connected through the constant presence of the theme of “resonance” and "sensing". After completing studies in media, sound art, in Tokyo and Helsinki, Koetting became active in video, sound and installation work. Koetting’s work has been presented at “New Sensorium” (ZKM, Karlsruhe), “Roppongi Crossing 2016” (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo), “Whistler” (Yamamoto Gendai, Tokyo). He is going to present his new installation piece at Maison Hermés in Tokyo end of this year.