Hiele, who originally hails from Belgium, is a composer and a performer of electronic music. His music surfaces in the form of hard-to-pin-point electronica that build on the composer’s long-standing obsession for synthetic sound creation and his intricate study of jazz. On stage, he plays with the audience’s expectations by transgressing beyond all that is considered conventional, and blends improvisational and classical elements to create his own no-nonsense personal idiom. Hiele’s music has been released on the Antwerp based label Ekster (Hiele 2013, Essential Oils 2014, Ritmische Bezinning 2016). In 2016, YYAA Recordings introduced one of his performances in the Schinkel Pavilion in Berlin. And yet Hiele has also breached out into the worlds of fashion, documentary film, theatre, and art productions, where he collaborated on a number of diverse artistic projects.