MHYSA is a “Queer Black Diva” and underground popstar for the cyber resistance from Prince George’s County, Maryland and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her debut EP, Hivemind, was released in February of 2016, followed by an album, fantasii, dropped via Halcyon Veil in July last year. Described by the New York-based performer as an “epic poem”, MHYSA’s first full-length aims to take the listener up and through her hopes, dreams, desires and inspiration. The record represents her love for other Black women and femmes by telling their stories from their perspective.

In addition to her own productions, MHYSA’s experimental approach to dance music and RnB shines through in her THOT FANTASY mix series, commissioned by platforms like DIS Magazine and GHE20G0TH1K, highlighting MHYSA’s deep connections to queer art, music and fashion.