Multimedia Dualism, Spiritual Madness

3hd Festival

9pm - 2am
Hallesches Ufer 32
10963 Berlin
ADR, composer, producer, new media artist, New York Oliver Coates, cellist, London Fawkes, producer, singer, Paris Nile Koetting, artist, Berlin Lawrence Lek, multimedia artist, London Dafna Maimon, performance artist, Berlin Colin Self, composer, vocalist, New York Aurora Sander, artist duo, Berlin Vipra, producers, Rome

By mixing rhythmically and harmonically dissonant elements, the show at HAU Hebbel am Ufer on the 4th of December, travels through multimedia-infused music performances and offers a wide emotional and sonic range. In doing so, it becomes all at once a physical tribute, a manifestation of multimedia dualism, and a consuming environment. The evening thus explores the interdependence between contemporary art and music. Its performances will mix snippets of sampled pop, classical music, and violent sounds, thus giving each viewer and listener the opportunity to interpret the often almost spiritual madness of modern technology. The relationship between music and art raises challenging questions regarding the musical object in the 21st century. A unique stage design by the artist duo Aurora Sander will expand on to the evening’s themes and address issues of new consumerism and capitalism. As the festival aims to re-evaluate the importance of live performances, it will provide a survey of contemporary music practices. These will be related to recent developments in the scene, particularly to the way in which music makers and artists use their own version of ‘multimedia’ today.