Opening: Sonic Toys, Hype

3hd Festival

6pm - 10pm
Vierte Welt
Adalbertstra├če 96
10999 Berlin
Easter, artist duo, Berlin Ella CB & Per Mertens, artists, Berlin Lonely Boys, performance artists, Berlin Nile Koetting, artist, Berlin Lawrence Lek, multimedia artist, London Kim Laughton, multimedia artist, Shanghai Aurora Sander, artist duo, Berlin Emily Gervais, artist, Montreal Simon Whybray, designer, London

On the evening of December 2nd, the program will kick off with an exhibition. This exhibition will showcase the work of six artists and designers who explore contemporary music and pop culture, branding, and the fan and celebrity relationship. A music video premiere and live performances from the artist duo's Easter and Lonely Boys will highlight aspects, which are located at the intersection of music, art, and digital culture.