Wanton Witch

Wanton Witch has a hyper-sensitive connection and approach to sound through performance. The Berlin-based, Borneo-born DJ and producer came of age in the relative isolation of island life before relocating to Bangkok, where she co-founded queer underground creative collective Non Non Non.
With an early taste for trap and hip hop, she began working in the deconstructed club and techno scene where she found her musical voice, beginning her DJ career in 2018. 

Wanton has released caustic electronic music, crossing IDM and experimental, hardcore and rave, and  deconstructing track conventions on Lucy’s Other Facts (fka Stroboscopic Artefacts) and TV Showw, among others. At its core, her modus operandi is to allow for an understanding of the trans experience by way of empathy. This makes for a vision wrought with vulnerability and heartfelt honesty that arrives at humanizing the experience of being “other.”

Wanton Witch is participating in "Fools and Their Folly."