Argentinian DJ and producer, TAYHANA, has established herself, in a short period of time, as one of the most relevant and promising figures in the club scene around the world. Self-taught by her experience as a founder of one of the most radical parties in South America that revalued the original music of the continent, she is recognized as a central figure in the Club Latinx genre. 

Thanks to her aggressive way of playing, a fearless imagination mixing different rhythms, BPMs and a wide range of experimental sounds from Latin America, but mostly because of her creative capacity as a producer and a beatmaker to push the boundaries of what has been possible in the encounter of urban and traditional music from all over the continent, she has called the attention of artists such as Rosalía, Daniel Lalita, Mare Advertencia Lírica, Gaika, among many others producers and well known DJs in the industry. 

Currently based in México, she has been part of the record label N.A.A.F.I, with whom she released her first album “Tierra del Fuego”, with great acceptance and broad recognition by the specialized media in the electronic music scene. The impact of this singular approach to club music gave her the chance to be booked in extensive tours around Europe, Asia and all over Latin America.

TAYHANA is participating in "Fools and Their Folly."

Image by Antonella della Rossa