Steph Kretowicz

Steph Kretowicz is  a Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary writer, editor, and journalist specializing in music, contemporary art, and online culture. Her work has been published in Flash ArtResident AdvisorFACT, and The Wire, as well as The GuardianSomesuch Stories, and Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform, among others.

Kretowicz is the co-founder and editor of arts publication AQNB—as well as host of its Artist Statement podcast—and writer and editor at Creamcake. She is also author of 2017 novel and cross-media narrative Somewhere I’ve Never Been, published by TLTRPreß, and director of 2021 radio play I hate it here, produced with musicians and composers Ben Babbitt and felicita, and released via CURL Recordings.

Steph Kretowicz is participating in "Salon de Sticks and Stones."