SPIT (Marta Orlando, Clémentine Roy & Natasja Loutchko)

SPIT is a collective, including Natasja Loutchko, Marta Orlando and Clémentine Roy, founded in 2020. Working with video, performance and writing, they aim to challenge the vision of both the singularity and plurality, queering their collective frame towards expressing new forms of behavior. The trio met in the darkroom of Berlin’s Ficken 3000 in 2017, where they subsequently combined their singular artistic practices into a project that shares common interests in themes such as building up collective situations and exploring the boundaries in-between. 

Natasja Loutchko is an artist based in Sweden whose creative approach reflects a deep-rooted interest in sharing ideas through collective activities with a heightened awareness of body, mind and soul connectivity. Loutchko runs the project CAVE3000. 

Marta Orlando is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from painting to writing, drawing, installation and video. Through her work she builds shapes and situations reflecting upon the processes undergone, referencing positions in contemporary culture.

Clémentine Roy is a Berlin-based visual artist and filmmaker whose field of research is situated between visual anthropology and contemporary landscape.

SPIT exhibits their film, "Spit" within the "Garden of Eden" program.