Slim Soledad

Slim Soledad is a multi-disciplinary artist, born Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil, currently living in Berlin.

Her body moves through the different sounds inter-passing rhythms like Baile Funk, Vogue and contemporary dances. These connections develop nuances in her body's creative process as a performer and in her musical production. Co-founder the queer collective Chernobyl that caters to a BPOC and LGBTQIA+ audience in Brazil.

“I think that since I was very young I have a relationship with art, I mean with music and dance mainly. I believe they were things that marked my childhood and who I am today, I remember my parents always listened to music and we always went once a month to my uncles house where they had parties and sometimes there was a "dance championship" between the adults and everyone had a lot of fun.”

Slim Soledad performs a DJ set in "The Day of the Answer!"