SHTV (Will Fredo & Mandhla)

SHTV (Sexual Healers TV) is an art project dedicated to biopolitics and sex work. Initiated by Will Fredo in Colombia, the multidisciplinary project engages with histories of sexualities and their political dimensions, especially in the Global South. SHTV works with various collaborators in developing collective artworks, theory and exhibitions. Fredo is an artist, writer and editor exploring power dynamics, cultural dislocation and the intersection of pop culture, Blackness, post-decolonial practices, kuirness and technology. Mandhla is a trans-feminine, gender non-comforming body born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. She brings a blend of experimental RnB and soul music intertwined with visual projections and performative dancing. Her music speaks of the daily trials that Trans*, enby and femme* immigrant bodies experience daily with love, identity, sex and acceptance.