Odete is a Lisbon-based interdisciplinary artist working across performance, exhibitions, and music, at intersections of magic, history, and transexuality. The practice of the self-described "paranoid archaeologist” and “eroto-historiographer" is often explicitly autobiographical, diluting the borders between the personal and the collective.

In 2021, pântano books published a poetry collection by Odete, called "The Elder Femme and Other Stone Writings," where a weaving-together of both English and her native Portuguese expresses a porosity and impermanence to language. Musically, the artist has dropped several  experimental club releases, including the Matrafona EP and debit album, Amarração, on Portugal's Rotten \ Fresh label, as well as sophomore album The Consequences Of A Blood Language on Shanghai's Genome6.66Mbp.

Odete is participating in "Eat the Rich."