Ndayé Kouagou

Ndayé Kouagou's practice always starts with texts he’s authored himself. Voluntarily or involuntarily confused, the Paris-based artist and performer tries as best he can to bring reflection on three topics: unease, power and vulnerability. The result is… what it is. 

Kouagou describes his work as “quite interesting, but not that interesting or maybe not interesting at all.” He is represented by Munich’s Nir Altman, and has presented work at Fondation Louis Vuitton and Centre George Pompidou in Paris, Wiels Brussels, Frieze London’s curated section, Centrale Fies in the town of Dro in Italy, and Athens Biennale, among others.

Ndayé Kouagou is participating in "I'm Spartacus!"

Image by Herve Veronese