Ludwig Wandinger

Ludwig Wandinger’s music professes a playful electronic veneer that reveals deep moments of complexity and emotional ebullience. Also working under the multimedia digital art moniker "kirschbluetenimwind," the Berlin-based producer, performer and visual artist works within a paradox of intricate experimental sound design combined with the rapid impulses of an eclectic improvising organism.

Solo and collaborative music has been released on genre-defying labels, such as Orange Milk Records, Gin and Platonic, Mutants Mixtape, and Average Negative, with co-production credits for releases on A flooded need, PAN, Squama, Genot Centre, and others. Wandinger has performed globally, including festivals like Jazz Fest Berlin, Moers Festival, Magnet Festival, A l'Arme Festival, and Punkt Festival, and worked with a variety of forward-thinking musicians and artists, such as Kianí del Valle, Elvin Brandhi, Evita Manji, and Brodinski, House of Base, and many, many more. 

Ludwig Wandinger is participating in "Eat the Rich."

Image by David Mesa