Klau Chinche

“southamerican bitch, a technical contortionist, methodological amnesia, hedonistic exhibitionism and hyperlink to the void. This means failed audiovisual technician, deserter of unflexible repetitive disciplines, post-porn sexual dissident, weaver of ephemeral nets. My academic deformations are only fossil waste of my viscera dreamscapes, as hunger, only a reaction to furious gangs of bacterias dancing as digestive tissues and fluids.”

Since 2014, Klau Chinche has been agitating AnarchaGlam & 2015 GynePunk projects. They are the co-founder of Pechblenda lab (2012-2017), and co-creator of The Dark Cabaret “Doctora Kaligari's cabinet" (2015-2020). He has lived, worked and developed projects and events for seven years in the eco industrial community of Calafou.

Klau Chinche is part of the program "Consent of The Governed: Gender, Constitution & Kink", curated by Party Office & After Party Collective.

Image by Liz Misterio