Goth Jafar

Goth Jafar, aka Suffy Baala’s DJ sets blend a multitude of genres, crossing pop, techno, trance, k-pop, and beyond. An inner-child homage to Aladdin and her Moroccan heritage, the New York-based artist combines gothy horror with glossy hyperfemininity in an equivocating dichotomy of good and evil, bubbly and dark, along with a personal disposition that is equally hard as it is soft.

As a spellbinding witch behind the decks, potions of gender euphoria shimmer throughout Baala’s music, which reflects the trans women who brought her here today. Her alluring power has transported her around the world, from playing all over the US, to just completing her first European tour, and playing major festivals and parties in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Sweden, and more. Forged by online worlds and signed to Discwoman, Baala’s eclectic, free-ranging, and open nature has seen her passionately write about the music that enkindles her life, as well as imparting witty, esoteric shitposting humor to a large niche following on her now suspended X (fka Twitter) account @arabthot.

Goth Jafar is participating in "Fools and Their Folly."