Cassie Augusta Jørgensen

Cassie Augusta Jørgensen works as a dancer and choreographer. She has perfected her showgirl-ship through working with theatre, art and dance makers. Jørgensen has a trained background in classical and modern dance. She works from the imagination of her inside eye, deep, sweaty and long improv sessions, Christian morals and porn, people that inspire her, her dear diary, lots of films, other dancers like Valeska Gert along other mime legends, females and of course being a trans girl drawn to tragedy in all its vibrancy. Jørgensen’s desire and goal is to make holes and ambiguous space in history and dance history, to meditate on new narratives and fiction of live performance and other shapes.

Cassie Augusta Jørgensen participates in "Eat the Rich".

Image by Benedicte Gyldenstierne Sehested