Public School


Sept. 28

How to open files that have unknown extensions

Instructor: TanakitInt

Sept. 29

How to Say Thank You in Sign Language

Instructor: Tito Lucky

Sept. 30

How to whistle with no hands

Instructor: Maricar Bachoco

Oct. 1

How to whistle with using your two fingers.

Instructor: Thomas Hart

Oct. 2

Sharon's Shortcuts: How to use a PC without a mouse

Instructor: Sharon Lyons

Oct. 3

How duplicate a fingerprint

Instructor: Juan Urbano Stordeur

Oct. 4

how to unpack boxed item in second life using SL Viewer.

Instructor: Shams Haque

Oct. 5

How to Say Hello in Arabic

Instructor: Arabic learning-Sondoss

Oct. 6

How to Open & Run Your Very Own Second Life Store

Instructor: gorebagg

Oct. 7

How To Draw a UNICORN / Unicorn Emoji

Instructor: Bet

Oct. 8

Real Help to Restore Whatsapp even with no Backup Files in SD Card

Instructor: Wen:D T

Oct. 9

Object detection on Netcams using TensorFlow

Instructor: Bruce Winter

Oct. 10

How to find the Resonant frequency of an object (.wav files)

Instructor: furulevi

Oct. 11

How to Copy (almost) Any Object

Instructor: Switch & Lever

Oct. 12

Prepping for Protests; Survive Protests, Stay Safe

Instructor: IPREP2 SURVIVE

Oct. 13

How To Listen To A Sound and Know How To Make It

Instructor: SeamlessR

Oct. 14

Attracting Bees & Butterflies with Perennial Flowers

Instructor: Becky's Homestead

Oct. 15

how to grow banana seeds ! ceeds for banana ! grow banana plants for home seeds

Instructor: sk ka dum

Oct. 16

How to setup OpenVPN on Windows | macOS | Android | iOS - Smart DNS Proxy

Instructor: Smart DNS Proxy

Oct. 17

Finding Wild Edible Plants in Cities

Instructor: ExpoTube

Oct. 18

How To Roll Over While Sleeping In Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Instructor: Valerie Rowekamp

Oct. 19

🎀🎁🎊How A Gift Wrap A Box | HOW TO Pack A GIFT Box, WITH RIBBON | How To WRAP A GIFT FAST

Instructor: Piaz creation

Oct. 20

Repair cracked cell phone screen for $10?

Instructor: YourMainChef

Oct. 21

How to Sleep Better, Fight Tiredness & Low Energy: Do Foot Massage Regularly

Instructor: Yoga Bliss Dance

Oct. 22

How to Set Up a Bitcoin Mining Rig w/ BITMAIN ANTMINER U2 & CGMiner

Instructor: Rasim Muratovic

Oct. 23

How to set UP BITCOIN Mining BY BITMAIN Antminer L3+ For Best Air Circulation

Instructor: Crypto BROS.

Oct. 24

How to take NOAA satellite pictures using RTL-SDR for under 50$

Instructor: themrworf1701

Oct. 25

How to Hack ALL radios and wireless signals - Hacking tools 101 how to SDR Software Defined Radios

Instructor: The Lan Closet

Oct. 26

How To Create A Budget NAS

Instructor: PC Centric

Oct. 27

How to Edit Instagram Bio - Multiple Lines Tips & Tricks

Instructor: TapLab

Oct. 28

How to... Fold Away a Quechua 3-seconds Pop-up Tent

Instructor: RichardB1983

PUBLIC SCHOOL is commissioned by 3hd Festival. The school is offering a course per day for one month leading up to the festival in Berlin. It’s itinerary is a collection of YouTube videos of which most have a low view count. In turn, their shared advice and collective experience is buried by the platform’s algorithms. 2018