'Abstract Symposium' by DIY Church

  • Location:

    Vierte Welt

  • Time:


  • Participants:

    DIY Church

DIY Church & friends invites you and your friends to a very two-dimensional radio transmission tailored to the eyes at Berlin’s Vierte Welt on October 15. As The Buggles sing, “video killed the radio star”, but that’s until mankind discovered the internet and radio rose from the dead and became a streaming star - the rest, as they say, is history.

In this exclusively-for-radio-designed symposium - which won't be broadcast or streamed at all - a plant, a pile of trash, and the idea of the idea itself will be confronted by presenter and participant alike to discuss the importance of social codes, the subversive potential of decay, and technology as a romantic metaphor for loneliness. All three of these guests are very shy by nature and want to take you back in time - therefore we ask the audience not to bring any phones, cameras, and other recording devices, and to come on time.

Entrance fee: 4,00€